25 Things About Lyra

Greetings, lovelies! Be you a stranger or a friend, a gentleman caller or a lunching lady, an angel or a demon, I am overjoyed that you have paused upon my small and meager blog-thing.

While this blog will mostly be devoted to the pursuit of literary excellency, transmigratory phantasmagoria, and bookish wanderings, I thought I would make my first post a sort of introduction. Many of you will know me well, and others will not. In an effort to remedy the latter, I thought I would compile a list of various and sundry facts pertaining to my person. Peruse it as you will! I hope it will lend you insight into my character and whet your appetite for future ramblings.

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And the center never holds.

With every glimmering kiss, with every heat-laced word or tender phrase, with every caress or careless glance, we carve away tiny pieces of our hearts. And in the end, our hearts float on without us, and we are left naught but a small sliver of what was once our potential to love.

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